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An initiative to build tools to make students' lives easier at UT Dallas.

Nebula Planner

The Nebula Planner is a tool to help students craft their college experience the way they want through an intuitive degree planning tool, course information tracking, and more.

UTD Survival Guide

The UTD Survival Guide is a student handbook and collection of resources for all students at UTD. Whether a freshman, non-traditional student, or anyone else, everyone is bound to find something useful in this guide.

Nebula API

The Nebula API is a public API containing resources for UTD student data, including professor information, grade distribution information, and more.

Course Heatmap

The Course Heatmap lets you see the best times to host events or plan meetings by visualizing course density throughout the week, powered by the Nebula API.

UTD Grades Upgrade (Codename: Athena)

UTD Grades is a website that lets you visualize historical class grade distributions - soon to be Athena, a tool that lets you see much more.